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Door locks are used very frequently and just as frequently, we neglect their maintenance. In case of decent quality locks, most issues stem from lack of maintenance or improper installation. Majority of the people thinks that a lock’s life is forever. But the truth is, it depends on the amount of usage and regular maintenance. Rust is the most common factor that can affect the hardware. Most locksmiths expect an average lock’s lifespan to be approximately seven years.

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  • CHECK THE SCREWS AND STRIKE PLATES – There should be at least one long screw securing the top hinge to the door frame. A minimum three inches screw should be added to each hinge to prevent sagging and increase break-in resistance. You must check the strike plates while looking at the frame. The plate of the deadbolt should be secured with the wall frame in the same way as hinges with a long screw.


  • CLEAN BUT AVOID OVERDOING – Outer maintenance of a lock is a piece of cake. To the maximum, use a mild detergent to wipe with a rag. Even just a damp rag is considered enough. Using an abrasive chemical can harm your lock. Petroleum-based cleaning products can even affect your lock’s appearance. The protective layer can tolerate tough usage but harmful chemicals can adversely destroy the coating.


  • ANNUAL LUBRICATION – Lubrication is the most important maintenance tip and on the contrary, it’s the most overlooked factor. It’s not recommended to go for petroleum-based Teflon and other dry lubricants are considered best and convenient to use. Spray a small amount of lubricant in the keyhole and insert the key repeatedly. Wipe off the debris coming on the key out of the lock. This must be done at least once a year. You may go for a thorough lubrication by removing the lock from the door and applying it on the latch or bolt.


  • DOOR’S PLACEMENT – It’s very important to ensure that your door is properly hung. A lock’s functionality completely depends on the correct installation of the door. If your door sags or binds, it may exert a lot of pressure on the lock’s latch. This can lead to lock failure and leave you locked in or out of your house.


  • DUPLICATE KEYS – Maintenance of lock also comprises of maintaining its key. When purchasing a new lock, it is good to set aside one of the original keys to utilize it in creating duplicates.

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Auto Locksmith Service


First, we should understand why we need to lubricate these locks. Just like metal surfaces, car door locks can be attacked by moister, which can cause rusting. Moreover, constant insertion of thekey into the locking mechanismand due to careless handling makes the machine vulnerable to impaction of debris with moisture, sweat, and particles in the environment.

The solution is to timely clean and lubricate the lock. Un-lubricated car locks are more prone to jamming since the grime and moisture get accumulated between different components of the machinery. You can contact Mid-Atlantic Locksmith for any sought of auto lock repair service. They are the best auto locksmith service provider for emergency situations. To know more about their services, click here


  • CLEANING THE LOCKS – It’s critical to clean the car door locks before lubricating. It prevents the debris to get into the lock machinery with the lubricating agent. You can clean inside the lock by wrapping a dry cloth on a screwdriver. Insert it in the car lock and move it in a circular motion. Apply some rust-removing solvent on the cloth and then again insert the screwdriver. For proper cleaning, do it once or twice with a clean cloth.


  •  USAGE OF SILICONE LUBRICANTS – You must know that silicone spray lubricants are the best solvent for car locks. This solution wouldn’t stick inside the lock for a longer period. It’s advisable to buy a lubricant with a spraying pipe in front to access the deep inside of the lock. The key is to position the straw in the keyhole and keep it pushing until it gets stuck. Apply short blasts of spray in a gap of two seconds. Then insert the lock key and rotate it in the lock repeatedly.


  •  NEXT USE ANTI-RUST SPRAY – After applying the lubricant, wipe it right away from the surface of the car. The next thing you need to apply is the anti-rust spray. Graphite is an ideal one for such usage. Apply it in the same manner above like the lubricant. But keep in mind not to insert the straw too deep since if the solution is invasive, it may form a coating on the lock cylinder and may jam it. Now, you may end the procedure by applying the silicon spray on the small weather stripping around the door lock in order to prevent it from freezing.

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